Bratislava Speed Dating

16.08. 2013 - Speed Dating News

Check out speed dating events in Bratislava

Finally, we have found for you the promised place for speed dating in Bratislava. Speed dating events in Bratislava will be held on Sundays in the Ari Restaurant, in the lower level separate rooms. We hope that you will feel cozy and relaxed in this venue andspeed dating here will become a tradition.

For now, we have only planned speed dating for two categories and that is the Slovak speaking category for women 23 - 33 / men 27 - 37 and for English speaking EXPATS category women 23 - 40 / men 25 - 44. The events will be soon posted on our website and you will be able to make a reservation. Meanwhile, you can add yourself to the waiting list for the these speed dating events in Bratislava. It will help us to better determine the demand for speed dating in a given age category. In the future, if there will be enough interest, we plan to offer more speed dating categories.

Introductory Price for Speed Dating Events in Bratislava

For a limited time only you can try speed dating in Bratislava for introductory price of 10 EUR. The price includes a welcome drink and a gurantee - if you don't pick anyone you have the next speed dating for free. This offer will not last very long, so don't hesitate with the reservation. If you have always wanted to try speed dating but never did, now is the perfect time.