Speed Dating in Bratislava

28.05. 2013 - Speed Dating News

Soon we plan to expand our speed dating services also to Bratislava. All the expats living in Bratislava will finally have the possibility to enjoy speed dating - the modern and popular method of meeting new people quickly and face to face. Currently we are searching for venues in Bratislava that would be willing to host speed dating events. If you are familiar with Bratislava's bars, restaurants and coffee places, don't hesitate and provide us with tips for suitable speed dating venues. The first person to suggests a place in Bratislava where the speed dating events will later be held, will be able to join all the speed dating events in Bratislava for FREE!

If you are an expat or interested in meeting expats and you speak English, you can already register on our website as a new user (choose Bratislava, as the city of interest). Once we have a concrete date for a speed dating event, registered users will be the first ones to be notified and will be able to join a speed dating event for an introductory price.

There are just a few requirements for aspeed dating venue:

  • Separate, private room where speed dating could be held without disrupting the regular restaurant business
  • At least 15 small tables (1 table for one pair)
  • Cozy, charming, friendly place

Speed dating is a great way to put your restaurant, cafe, or a bar on a map and serves as a free advertisement. Last but not least, it is and extra income for the establishment and brings a new clientele.